Discipline is part of my professional training

Everybody has a right to be defended, and every lawyer has a duty to defend people accused. And my office is to defend you, by discussing the accusation point by point.

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I consider my client's legal issue as my own issue therefore I always contest for WIN.

I always leave detailed WhatsApp message to my clients soon after each hearing. I am so much interactive and always available to discuss new thing which can affect court proceeding.

Yes, through arbitration or some other out-of-court arrangement can solve your legal problem but this philosophy do not apply on every case.

My services fee may vary case to case. (For your understanding: 15,000 to 500,000). Please call my clerk to discuss fee. I charge fee in three equal installments.

My BS (Software Engineering) degree helps me to reach new case laws and legal material. I am IT Expert therefore I am well equipped with all new changes in legal field.

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